On this page you will find the I-IV-V chord progression 7th chords for each of the twelve (12) keys. As you can see, this is accomplished by adding a major 7th tone (note) to the I and IV major (triad) chords and adding a minor (“b” or flatted) 7th to the V major chord to make it a dominant 7th chord. We shall begin with the key of “C” and proceed through to “B”. Practice this progression in all twelve keys…and have fun!

ScaleChord IChord IVChord V
C MajorC Major 7thF Major 7thG Dominant 7th
C#/Db MajorC#/Db Major 7thF#/Gb Major 7thG#/Ab Dominant 7th
D MajorD Major 7thG Major 7thA Dominant 7th
D#/Eb MajorD#/Eb Major 7thG#/Ab Major 7thA#/Bb Dominant 7th
E MajorE Major 7thA Major 7thB Dominant 7th
F MajorF Major 7thA#/Bb Major 7thC Dominant 7th
F#/Gb MajorF#/Gb Major 7thB Major 7thC#/Db Dominant 7th
G MajorG Major 7thC Major 7thD Dominant 7th
G#/Ab MajorG#/Ab Major 7thC#/Db Major 7thD#/Eb Dominant 7th
A MajorA Major 7thD Major 7thE Dominant 7th
A#/Bb MajorA#/Bb Major 7thD#/Eb Major 7thF Dominant 7th
B MajorB Major 7thE Major 7thF#/Gb Dominant 7th

Remember, you can always go to the piano chord/scale finder if you need help or want to see how a chord looks on the piano keyboard. Experiment with all the new chords you now know how to make on the keyboard! Try playing the I-IV-V chord progression 7th chords with your left hand, while playing the corresponding major scale for that key with your right.

Chord progressons-II-V-I – This chart will show you the major triad scale tone chords for the II-V-I chord progression.

Chord progresssions-III-VI-II-V-I – This chart will show you the major triad scale tone chord for the III-VI-II-V-I chord progression.