Piano Links

As I come across piano links to site(s), software, etc. which will benefit your learning to play the piano, I will list them here on this page. I will include only items which I have used or post links to sites which I have visited and determined to be of use to you in learning to play. Enjoy these piano links and visit the sites. I am sure you will gain some benefit from all of them.

Piano Play It.com – Free piano lessons for free spirits!. >>>A wonderful website for those who wish to learn to play piano in a practical way!

Total Piano Care >>>A cool site with great resources to learn about (1) piano care and maintenance, (2) new develpoments in the field of piano technology, and (3) the latest methods to learn piano online. Go on over and give this one a look now!

Piano Lessons Using Multi-Fingered Piano Chords That Get You Playing Keyboard Music — Fast! >>>This is Duane Shinn’s site and he offers a Free 39-week e-mail newsletter on “Power Piano Chords & Chord Progressions!”. Lots of free information on this site. I would take a look and check out the free newsletter.

Learn Jazz Piano by Scot Ranney >>>Free site devoted to the art of Jazz Piano with forums, examples, articles, exercises, and more. This is Scot Ranney’s site and is definitely one to bookmark. He offers a ton of free stuff. You can find answers to all sorts of questions on his forum. I am a member and highly recommend you check out the many resources available on this site.

Free Sheet Music >>>Locate thousands of free sheet music downloads, lessons, tips, and articles. Many instruments, many musical styles. I visited this site and they do provide thousands of free sheet music downloads as well as links to other sites which offer free sheet music, lessons, exercises, etc. Large site…should keep you busy searching the database.

Learn Piano By Chords >>>I like this site. The design is quick, clean, and to the point. The basics on chord structure, scales, and inversions are given in easy to understand language. I also like that the author gives several examples of songs using the chords that have been taught and provides midi sound bites so you can hear how they should sound.

Instant Pro Piano Lessons >>>A site dedicated to learning the pro way of playing and learning any song on the piano or keyboard. Beginners welcome! 30 Lesson video course with booklet which includes 300 chords. 4hr. video and 60 pg. booklet.

PianoTricks.com >>>Free Piano Lessons at Piano Tricks has Online piano lessons with video and audio examples. Free lessons designed for the absolute beginner to advanced student. New site which I quickly checked out before adding their link. Go over and give it a look…it’s Free!

Piano Rentals >>>Piano Rentals, Sales, and Polishing.

Dark Inertia Studios >>>Mr. Vijay Myneni of Dark Inertia Studios emailed me requesting I have a look at his site as he thought it would benefit my site’s visitors. And, he was correct. What Mr. Myneni offers is an online full-featured virtual piano that can be used to learn to play songs, compose music and convert MIDI files to piano sheet music. The sheet music display and the keyboard display work together to show you how keys relate to notation, and the falling notes shows you which notes are coming up next. You can automatically create sheet music from any MIDI file, or compose completely original music with the easy point-and-click interface. You’ll be able to listen to the music and adjust the tempo as you play along at a slow beginner’s pace or at full speed. A really Cool piece of software. Definitely check this one out.

Visit A Passion for Jazz! >>>Music history and education.