II-V-I Chord Progression Triads for all 12 major keys

The II-V-I chord progression consists of the 2nd, 5th, and 1st (root) steps of a major scale. Unlike the I-IV-V chord progression which is all major chords, you begin with a minor and progress to major chords (triads). In the key of C major this would make the chords a D minor (II), G major (IV), and C major (I). The key of D#/Eb major would be F minor (II), A#/Bb major (V), and D#/Eb major (I). Again, the 2nd, 5th, and 1st (root) tones (notes) are used to form the chords in a II-V-I progression.

On this page you will find the 3-note (triad) II-V-I chord progression chords for each of the twelve (12) keys. We shall begin with the key of “C” and proceed through to “B”. Practice the II-V-I progression in all twelve keys…and have fun!

ScaleChord VChord IChord IV
C MajorD MinorG MajorC Major
C#/Db MajorD#/Eb MinorG#/Ab MajorC#/Db Major
D MajorE MinorA MajorD Major
D#/Eb MajorF MinorA#/Bb MajorD#/Eb Major
E MajorF#/Gb MinorB MajorE Major
F MajorG MinorC MajorF Major
F#/Gb MajorG#/Ab MinorC#/Db MajorF#/Gb Major
G MajorA MinorD MajorG Major
G#/Ab MajorA#/Bb MinorD#/Eb MajorG#/Ab Major
A MajorB MinorE MajorA Major
A#/Bb MajorC MinorF MajorA#/Bb Major
B MajorC#/Db MinorF#/Gb MajorB Major

Remember, you can always go to our virtual piano keyboard if you need help or want to see how a chord looks on the piano keyboard. Experiment with all the new chords you now know how to make on the keyboard! Try playing the II-V-I progression 3-note triad chords with your left hand, while playing the corresponding major scale for that key with your right.

When you feel comfortable with the triad chords, go to 7th progression chords for the II-V-I chord progression. Here you will be playing minor 7th, dominant 7th, and major 7th chords. This will be slightly more challenging but will give a richer, fuller sound to the II-V-I progression.

Chord progressions-I-IV-V – This chart will show you the major triad scale tone chords for the I-IV-V chord progression.

Chord progresssions-III-VI-II-V-I – This chart will show you the major triad scale tone chord for the III-VI-II-V-I chord progression.