Piano Courses

While I have provided enough material for you to begin learning to play the piano, the piano courses and piano software you will read about on this page will continue where my lessons end.

If you have reviewed the lessons provided throughout our site, you now have the basics for chord and scale structure, note identification on the treble and bass staff, simple progressions, and basic theory (modes, arpeggios, etc.).

The information I’ve provided, along with additional piano lessons I’ll be adding in the future, will give you an excellent start to playing the piano.

However, if you want to “expand” your knowledge beyond the beginner level and learn about melodies, arrangements, ear training, piano riffs and runs, and more…you need to check out the info about the recommended piano courses and piano software below.

If you have been diligent in learning the material on free-online-piano-lessons.com, you’re now ready for the “next step”. Go on and become the best piano player you can be…and keep practicing!